Dexter Orchestra Files and Signup Links Page

Welcome to our public files page! Below is a list of documents available for viewing or download. If there is something missing from this site that you would like to see added, please contact Mr. Deloria or Ms. Campbell.

2017-2018 Documents
Click to Download:2017-2018 Orchestra Calendar (pdf)File Size:97.9 KiBDownloads:12
Click to Download:Accompanist List 16-17 (docx)File Size:109.2 KiBDownloads:100
Click to Download:How To Communications (doc)File Size:14.5 KiBDownloads:300
Click to Download:Private Lessons Teachers 2017-18 (docx)File Size:108.4 KiBDownloads:23

High School Documents
Click to Download:Chamber Handbook 2017-18 (pdf)File Size:112.9 KiBDownloads:47
Click to Download:Concert Handbook 2017-18 (pdf)File Size:112.0 KiBDownloads:52
Click to Download:Concerto Auditions (doc)File Size:29.5 KiBDownloads:57
Click to Download:Concerto Registration Form (doc)File Size:28.0 KiBDownloads:60
Click to Download:DHS Orchestra Lesson Credit Slip (pdf)File Size:48.7 KiBDownloads:539
Click to Download:Handbook Signature Page 2017-2018 (docx)File Size:45.9 KiBDownloads:109
Click to Download:Senior Orchestra Scholarship App (pdf)File Size:39.5 KiBDownloads:334

High School Practice Slips
Click to Download:April Practice Slip - DHS (doc)File Size:21.5 KiBDownloads:388
Click to Download:February Practice Slip - DHS (doc)File Size:20.0 KiBDownloads:338
Click to Download:January Practice Slip - DHS (doc)File Size:91.5 KiBDownloads:359
Click to Download:March Practice Slip - DHS (doc)File Size:20.0 KiBDownloads:337
Click to Download:May Practice Slip - DHS (doc)File Size:16.0 KiBDownloads:380
Click to Download:November Practice Slip - DHS (doc)File Size:117.0 KiBDownloads:350
Click to Download:October Practice Slip - DHS (doc)File Size:57.5 KiBDownloads:419
Click to Download:September Practice Slip - DHS (doc)File Size:12.5 KiBDownloads:534

Mill Creek Documents
Click to Download:Mill Creek Orchestra Calendar 17-18 (docx)File Size:102.5 KiBDownloads:26
Click to Download:Mill Creek Orchestra Handbook 17-18 (docx)File Size:19.2 KiBDownloads:44
Click to Download:Mill Creek Orchestra Handbook Form 17-18 (docx)File Size:59.9 KiBDownloads:47
Click to Download:Mill Creek Practice Record 17-18 (docx)File Size:33.0 KiBDownloads:16

Creekside Documents
Click to Download:Creekside 6th Grade Handout 17-18 (docx)File Size:527.2 KiBDownloads:15
Click to Download:Creekside Practice Record (doc)File Size:112.5 KiBDownloads:314