Dont forget to re-enroll by January 1st to participate in the 2018 Cash for Education program. All participants must re-enroll annually. Once registered, simply shop, provide your Buschs MyWay phone number or key tag at the register and receive credit for your schools. Its that easy! Just be sure to follow the below steps to participate for the New Year.

1) Sign into your MyWay account and select Cash for Education from the dropdown menu underneath your name to reselect your schools and/or organizations.

2) If you havent done so already, you must include a valid email and opt-in to receive emails to participate in this program. You can check this under My Account > Account Holder when logged into MyWay. Buschs will use this email to communicate any updates or changes to the Cash for Education Program. Email is also a great way to receive information regarding weekly specials, offers and Buschs coupons, which are sent exclusively to MyWay members.

3) Select up to four organizations that you would like to support for each quarter using the drop down menu. Purchases will be allocated equally between your chosen organizations.

4) You may now also include the student youre supporting.

5) If these changes are not made in your account, starting November 1st, your student will not receive the credits to their account.

6 You may change your organizations and student at any time, but only those selected at the end of each quarter will receive credit.

*** Participants will be required to re-enroll on an annual basis. ***