Role of the Fundraising Chairperson –

Oversees the planning of the year’s fundraising activities and investigates new fundraising ideas and reports on fundraising activities at each monthly Booster meeting. Delegates fundraising activities to different members of the boosters. Makes sure that each fundraising activity is being led by one sub-committee chair and vice-chair for correct execution. The chairperson should not be attempting to do all fundraising activities him or herself, but should be in charge of recruiting volunteers to help accomplish fundraising objectives. Current fundraising projects include: UM concessions with Sodexo, t-shirts and bumper sticker sales at concerts, winter concert poinsettia sales and/or cookie sales, spring pie sales, late spring/early summer bottle and can drive, and Dexter Daze cleanup. Fundraising Chairs are responsible for communicating with DHS administration to get permission for holding poinsettia, cookie, pie and bottle drive fundraisers on specific dates throughout the year. UM concessions also requires a contract signed by the DOB president and proof of liability insurance from the Dexter Community Schools.